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Becoming a Sexuality Professional

The fluff-free, 6-week group program to help you jumpstart your sex ed business.


"How do you become a sex educator?"

This was the exact phrase I typed into Google back in 2015. When the search came back, I got a handful of results, full of broken links, outdated resources, and information that desperately needed a restart.

And today, this is STILL what happens when folks look for ways to enter this field.

Being a sexuality professional is one of the most exciting, innovative, and fulfilling careers out there. But when it comes to having access to knowledge on how to get started (or even operate AS a business)... the industry is far behind. 

And that's all got to change.

If you've been wanting to learn the exact steps to build the foundation for your sexuality business... then you've found the most comprehensive, action-packed resource on the market.

But just to make sure you're in the right place, raise your hand if: 

  • You've always been THE friend that everyone goes to for sex advice. But it wasn't until much later that you learned that you could actually do that for a living.
  • You're emerging into the field professionally, but aren't sure whether you should start by creating a course, getting certified, or building your social media following
  • You've been in the sexuality field for a while, and want to be seen as THE go-to expert to work with... but you feel like a complete imposter compared to the other folks that have way more experience (and bigger followings) than you do.
  • You like the idea of starting a full-time business in this field, but.. you're still trying to figure out how to make it work as a part-time or side hustle.

You've exhausted every Facebook group, Google search, and YouTube video that you could find on "how to become a sex educator"...

So let's ACTUALLY get you the answer before committing to intense certification and lengthy graduate programs.


Becoming a Sexuality Professional

This live group coaching program is going to help emerging sexuality professionals like you learn EXACTLY what it takes to begin building your sex ed business... without any of that same copy-and-paste "it only works if you do this" lies that you see elsewhere online.

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What exactly does the program cover?
Over the course of 6 weeks, here's what will be taught:


We're going to define EXACTLY what makes someone a sexuality professional, settle the great certification debate once and for all, and break down what every sexuality professional needs to have in order to succeed in the industry.


There's no way around how important social media can be for your business and community building. But when you're worried about being censored or shadowbanned, there are certain strategies you can take to protect yourself.


There is no "one" way to be a successful sexuality professional. But it can be overwhelming figuring out exactly which path is best for you. We're going to explore sexuality business models that actually work so you can start building a plan of action.


Once you pick your sexuality business model, your work isn't done. We'll build your first business roadmap with the 3 steps to setting up your sexuality business for success — regardless of your niche or business model.

Plus, You Also Get:


Connect with other cohort members in our private digital community, hosted off of social media.


As a cohort member, you'll have acccess to 3 Masterclasses, hosted by industry professionals on their expertise in the sexuality field.


During the program, you'll have access to 2 Q&A sessions with Cameron.

Ready to build your own sexuality business?


“Cameron is the queen of sex ed career and business advice, especially thinking outside the constraints of major academic orgs.”


The foundational work is the MOST important.

And here's the truth: fluff and theory won't make you a successful professional in this field... Taking ACTION will.

So this group program will get right to showing you what you need to learn so that you can get right to what matters: helping people, making an impact, and supporting yourself doing this work. 

Becoming a Sexuality Professional isn't about memorizing or copying what I've done myself. It's about helping you get the tools and support to bring your business out of your head and into the world without watering it down with bullshit that doesn't actually work.

Once you master the rules of the game, it'll be a lot easier to rewrite them to actually fit you.

That's why this live program is based on the business foundation that I AND my clients have followed.

It's proven to work for a variety of folks, so you can take what serves you and skip over what doesn't, so you can get back to becoming a revolution in your industry.

A Word From Your Host

“I know a thing or two about helping sexuality professionals to build successful online businesses. But the hardest part sometimes is just knowing how to get started. Knowing exactly where to get started in the sexuality field is hard enough. I wanted to show you exactly how easy it can be to get started in this field — that's what this course is about. This course will teach sexuality business basics like nothing else on the market."


The Investment

Join the program for the inaugural cohort before we start on September 1st!

Pay in Full
$1000 USD

The best value

  • year access to the program and resources
  • weeks of live classes
  • 2 bonus Q&A sessions with Cameron
  • Private podcast of the program
  • Access to the private digital community
I'm all in!

2 Biweekly Payments
$750 USD

The most popular plan

  • year access to the program and resources
  • weeks of live classes
  • 2 bonus Q&A sessions with Cameron
  • Private podcast of the program
  • Access to the private digital community

3 Month Payment Plan
$655 USD

The most flexible plan

  • year access to the program and resources
  • weeks of live classes
  • 2 bonus Q&A sessions with Cameron
  • Private podcast of the program
  • Access to the private digital community

Got Questions?

Do I get lifetime access to the program?

No. When you join the program, you have 1-year access to the program and its resources.

What's the class schedule? How long is each class?

Classes start on September 1, 2021 and will run for six weeks. Each class is about 60-90 minutes, depending on questions (if you're curious about what the classes topics, those are listed in this section). All classes are recorded and uploaded to the program portal for replay access.

What if I can't make the classes live?

All classes are recorded and uploaded to the program portal, where enrolled students will have up to 1 year's access to review as often as you'd like.

When's the next time this program will be enrolling?

At this time, the next cohort won't be until 2022. If you're interested in joining, we strongly encourage you to join while enrollment for this cohort is still open!

Is this program refundable?

Due to the nature of the program, all purchases — including payment plans — are non-refundable.

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